Senior Adults & Services for the Aging

Senior Adults and/or Homebound

  • Checking in on
  • Event planning for senior club or groups (activities, trips, parties, etc.)
  • Shuttle to doctors, grocery store, etc.
  • Grocery store shopping
  • Cooking and/or maid service
  • Create digital medical emergency information devices (ex: flash or thumb drives with important medical information/history)
  • Sell and/or create medical bracelets
  • and a multitude of other things


Other possible services to Seniors…

Grocery Delivery / Shopping

Hair Stylist (Beautician or Cosmetologist, possibly in nursing homes or at retirement centers)

Inventor / Product Development

Quilting – including custom quilts and quilting classes/clubs

Senior Trip/Tours Travel agent and/or travel expert via facebook, Websites, etc.

  • Cruises
  • Hotels
  • International Travel

Vending Machines

  • in nursing homes
  • in senior centers
  • in hospitals
  • etc.