From Don’t Procrastinate

Ready to start a home business? The most important things…

The most important things to do are to direct all of your focus to that one thing – starting the business – and GET STARTED – don’t procrastinate (especially if you have been!).

Chances are good that you are the only person that you can count on and are the only person accountable to make the business work. Guard against distractions. It will take focus and discipline to make progress, to meet deadlines and to keep up the continuity that will be needed for a successful business.

ANY successful home business is going to require hard work – nothing will come to you without effort. As Dock Womble writes, “One Thing a Home Business Start-Up is Not, is Instant Gratification“. He says it requires “W-O-R-K”!

Don’t let yourself get bogged down or overwhelmed with information and with dealing with technology. You won’t know everything and don’t need to do get started. You will learn on the job EVERY DAY.

Accomplish what you can NOW…then again TOMORROW, the NEXT DAY and the NEXT.

Make lists of things you need to do and check them off one by one, day by day. Run across something you can’t do at the moment? Don’t panic. Put that on the back burner and do what you CAN do while beginning to look into the problem and seeking help if necessary.

Don’t allow yourself to get discouraged. Keep your chin up and keep looking up toward solutions and goals whether than looking down at problems or struggles with despair. You CAN do it and WILL – in time.